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A Path To Healing Through Community & Resources


Mental & Emotional Support

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Spiritual Growth

We aim to provide the latest data and research in a tangible way that allows you to integrate this seamlessly into your daily life. Our purpose is to help you gain clarity around what healing you need and offer a path to long lasting change and connection.


Access To Wellness Resouces Is Empowering


Underestimated The Podcast

Join us as we uncover the Underestimated potential of the human mind, body, and spirit.

What it means to truly connect, nourish, and fuel ourselves from a holistic viewpoint and

provide you with tangible ways to incorporate this knowledge into your life.

We aim to dissect the health, wellness and big food industry in order to leave you feeling more empowered and knowledgeable to better advocate for yourself. If this is something you're curious about, have struggled with or are interested in learning more - this is the podcast for you!

Wellness Podcasts 

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Wellness Resources

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Meet Your Mentor

 I’m Liz; a Wife, Mother, Integrative Health Coach, Psychic Medium, Entrepreneur and information seeker. I, along with a strong and educated community of women are here with one goal: to spread information and provide holistic healing knowledge and support. 


Liz Moens



After struggling for years with an autoimmune disease without adequate support or information as well as having three children and struggling with hormonal imbalance and lack of 4th trimester care I realized one thing. Not only do we not have the support we need; but the amount of information available to us is overwhelming and difficult to navigate.

The Well Source was founded with the dream of helping individuals learn to connect to themselves on a soul level. To truly understand what healing is most needed, and to help guide them through that journey in a holistic and supportive way. 

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"When you learn to trust that you have 
all the answers you need, you become more 
empowered to live the life you've always dreamt of."

Liz Moens: Founder

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